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In 2010, 46.8% of the population aged 6 and over (26 million and 448 thousand people) say they have read, for reasons that are not strictly educational and / or professional, at least one book in the 12 months preceding the interview. Compared to 2009 there was an increase in the proportion of book readers from 45.1% to 46.8%. Gender differences decreased slightly, while regional and social differences increased. Women read more than men: women-readers represent, in fact, 53.1% compared to 40.1% of the men-readers. Between 11 and 17 is found the highest proportion of readers (more than 59%), with a peak between 11 and 14 years (65.4%). There are more readers in the north and center, with percentages over 50% of the population aged 6 and over. In the South and the Islands, however, the proportion of readers drops below 37%. The regional variability is significant. Above average reading levels are found among graduates, managers, and employees, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals and students, the lowest among those with primary school or no qualification, factory workers, retired from work and housewives. 44.3% of the population said they had read up to 3 books last year, while only 15.1% have read 12 or more. In 2010, 90.1% of families said to have books at home: 62% owns more than 100, 12.2% from 101 to 200 and 15.9% more than 200. 9.6% (2 million and 338 thousand households) say they do not have any books. Having many books at home and live with parents who read books, especially when both parents read, is a factor of great influence on children’s reading behaviors.

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