24/5/2011 00:00:00

The crisis depresses the Italians. Women, youth and south trudging and more and more families continue to struggle in their role as social safety nets, the replacement of the shortcomings of the welfare state. This is the picture taken by Italy’s “Annual Report on the situation of the country in 2010” released by Istat. From the economic point of view, the intensity of the crisis of 2008-2009 and the speed of recovery in the course have been uneven between the economies of Europe and, within them, between the productive sectors. Among the large countries of the Economic and Monetary Union, Italy has suffered the greatest fall of the product along with Germany, showing, however, unlike the latter, a very modest recovery. Istat also detected an alarming datum referring to women’s working conditions: in 2008-2009, approximately 800,000 mothers reported that during their working life have been laid off or put into conditions to resign at or following a pregnancy. Demographic trends and changes in the relation of women with the labor market have been the basis for growing difficulties of the informal network of support: employed women with children are in fact overloaded with the work of care within the family, and grandmothers are always more squeezed between care of grandchildren, dependent elderly parents and adult children. Despite this, women continue to be the pillar of this “chain” of aid and assistance in carrying out in one year 2.1 billion hours of help to members of other families equal to two-thirds of total funding.

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