Format Research’s job is to provide data, information and analyses that allow Companies, the Public Administration and Civilians to reduce the risk and the margin of uncertainty when defining strategic and operational choices.

(Pierluigi Ascani)


Format Research is a market research institute based in Rome and Pordenone that was established in 1992. It operates in the sector of social and economic studies, marketing research and survey-based opinion surveys. It specializes in business-to-business surveys.


Design and implementation of customized research solutions to compete in business to business markets. Collection, organization and analysis of data; providing information and insights to enable knowledge, understanding and decision-making.


Format Research has worked, and still works, for large banks and insurance companies; companies operating in the manufacturing, commercial and services sectors; entrepreneurs’ and workers’ trade associations; institutions and agencies in both local and central Public Administration.


Format Research produces studies and research using the interview method. It carries out quantitative and qualitative studies using a multidisciplinary approach in the analysis of phenomena. It combines the use of the scientific method and the most advanced technologies with socio-anthropological analysis.
The ad hoc studies are designed and carried out based on the Clients’ specific requirements and their results remain the exclusive property of the Client. All studies can be carried out both one-shot and continuously by setting up a permanent observatory.


Experience in the use of traditional methodologies combined with the use of new research techniques, a propensity for international work and the engineering of processes are the cornerstones of Format Research’s vision, which allow clear research results, low costs and short completion times.


Format Research operates directly on the whole national territory and in Europe through its own network of specialized partners


Format Research studies the world of business for businesses. The markets in which we operate most frequently are: Finance, B2B, Retail, Construction and real estate, Information & Communication Technology, Transport and Logistics, Utilities, Megatrends, Media, Tourism and entertainment, Consumer goods, Healthcare, Automotive.


Format Research is led by Pierluigi Ascani who founded it almost thirty years ago. Its staff, consisting of permanent employees, includes: senior and junior researchers, field coordination staff, analysts specializing in the management of IT platforms for data collection and control, communication experts, management control staff. The work teams are often supported by interns and trainees from the university world.


Almost thirty years of uninterrupted activity. “Project-based” organisation of work. Team Leaders with many years of experience working in direct contact with customers and able to report their requirements back to their respective work groups.
Direct management of all phases of research work. Control of the entire service delivery process by means of a certified Quality System.
Format Research can count on constantly updated proprietary databases and large observatories on business trends and investments, some of which are based on time series that have been going on for 10 years.


In 2017 Format Research set up Format Business Intelligence Srl in Pordenone for the management of the advanced data analysis and statistical supercomputing activities.



    ASSEPRIM, founded in 1995, is a National Federation born from the idea of some entrepreneurs, and it represents the companies and associations of Professional Services for Companies within Confcommercio - Imprese per l'Italia. It safeguards the interests and identity of the over 700 member companies that offer services to businesses and individuals and that operate on the national territory in the financial and insurance market, business consultancy, human resources, market research, digital marketing, communication, events, audio-visual, with activities specialized in the production and distribution of audio-visual products, videogames, animation and post production, licensing and digital publishing services.


    Assirm, founded in 1991, is the Association that brings together the major Italian companies that perform Market Research, Opinion Polls and Social Research. The objectives of the Association are to safeguard knowledge, develop institutional relations for the protection of the interests of the industry, enhance the role and social function of market, social and opinion research, promote and foster the growth of the quality of service offered by its Members.

  • CONFCOMMERCIO – Imprese per l’Italia

    The Confederazione Generale Italiana delle Imprese, delle Attività Professionali e del Lavoro Autonomo (Italian General Confederation of Companies, Professional Activities and Self-Employment), is the largest corporate representative in Italy, with over 650,000 companies. The Confcommercio system is articulated at a territorial level, with provincial organizations and regional unions, as well as within categories, with national category organizations.


    The European Society for Opinion and Market Research was established in 1948 and it is the worldwide association of market and opinion research professionals with 5000 members from over 100 countries. Its goal is to promote the value of market and opinion research. It is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics, providing ethical and professional assistance and supporting its own community. Its members adhere to the International Code of Conduct for Market and Social Research, developed jointly by Esomar and the International Chamber of Commerce, which is adopted by major companies and professionals around the world.

Format Research Srl,
which is based in Rome,
in via Ugo Balzani n°77,
has equipped itself
with a quality system compliant
with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015