Companies or brands that decide to invest in an advertising campaign need to study their target audience (companies and consumers) before and after the campaign. For this we offer analysis and measurement services that provide insight on the use of the media, the activity on social networks, the efficiency of advertising campaigns on both traditional and new media, the interest received by the communication according to the contents conveyed, etc. These solutions make it possible to have a detailed picture of the performance of the channels used, can optimize the budget for communication and help understand how to improve the positioning in progress, where and how to direct communication to support the commercial action of the company’s sales network, etc.


Pre Advertising Tests allow to collect useful insight before launching a campaign and provide businesses with solid guidelines to set up marketing operations, thus helping to reduce the risk of failure.
The tests conducted during (Advertising Test) and after the campaign (Post Advertising Test), instead, are a useful tool to measure the degree of satisfaction, effectiveness and memorability of the campaigns. They represent a real summary of the whole trend of advertising communication. Post-campaign research is essential for constant monitoring of the effects the campaign is having on the target and is among the best guarantees of the effectiveness of the advertising investment.