Format Research offers the entire range of customer satisfaction surveys .
Actual quality surveys. Analysis of the waiting time the users of a service need to wait in order to use the service itself, analysis of queues, etc.
Expected quality surveys. Analysis of users’ expectations for a particular service, what they would like it to be like, how they would like it to be offered, etc.
Perceived quality surveys. Monitoring of the quality perceived by users regarding the characteristics of a specific product / service, with the aim of promoting improvement actions with respect to the critical issues and problems reported by customers.
Customer satisfaction analysis. Comparison between the expectations in terms of quality by the users of a given service and the opinion of the same users regarding the quality they actually experience regarding such service.
Relative quality surveys. Benchmark between the level of user satisfaction of a given service, compared with the level of user satisfaction of similar services offered by competitor companies.


Format Research is the licensee of the NPS® – Net Promoter System brand at Bain & Company. NPS is a method for measuring customer experience, especially loyalty defined as the ability of a company to retain its customers and keep them loyal for as long as possible. It measures the “word of mouth rate”, or the level of recommendability of a brand, product or service and is a reliable predictor of its growth rate. Its use is widespread in various sectors at both a national and an international level, as it is a reliable method, simple to interpret and very useful for monitoring the performance of a company and comparing it with that of its competitors, and predicting its growth through the analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately guide company policies.
Format Research conducts surveys by applying the NPS methodology with the aim of:
detecting and evaluating the customer’s experience and satisfaction, providing Clients with a database for the construction of the indicators that will subsequently be used in strategic and operational marketing;
providing a precise comparison between the work of a company and that of its competitors;
detecting the main problems of the service offered and identifying and implementing the necessary improvement actions.
The main functions underlying the application of the Net Promoter System are:
increase turnover by leveraging loyalty , satisfaction, and cross- selling ;
identify strengths and weaknesses of the various functions and activities that animate a company (production, sales, Customer Relationship Management, etc.);
verify in which part of the sales process the main barriers to customer satisfaction are located;
communicate with the customer, i.e. be aware of their point of view and provide real-time feedback;
create a corporate “benchmark”, both internally and with respect to the markets where the company operates;
measure the performance, satisfaction and level of motivation of employees and commercial networks and / or, in any case, the ones the organization leverages.


Format Research designs and implements research interventions based on the application of the NPS both “cold” (periodically, maybe every three months, among the users of the service or product of interest) and “hot” (immediately after, a few days after if not the same day, the user contact). In the case of “cold” surveys, we call it Customer Experience Management, in the case of “hot” surveys, we call it Instant feedback.
Thanks to Customer Experience surveys it is possible to detect, describe and analyse the entire customer journey, and thus have a clear picture of the experience that a company or consumer has of a brand or a company: from the first impact, maybe through a post on social media, up to the actual purchase.