“Italy growing abroad” is the Format Research Multiclient Observatory on the policies of companies that internationalize, on their expectations towards banks in terms of services and products expected to support their activity in foreign markets. Established in 2012, the Observatory consists of an ongoing annual survey based on a statistically representative sample of Italian companies that internationalize (over 1000 companies interviewed each year). Every year the Observatory is released in the first half of July with data, information and analyses made available in time series.
These are some of the phenomena analysed in their evolution over time: financial policies adopted by companies to support internationalization (exports, imports, production sites, commercial agreements, research projects with foreign partners, etc.), policies adopted for credit management, from commercial information to credit insurance.
The Observatory, thanks to its methodological approach and the topics covered, can ensure particularly reliable results. The subscriber who wishes to customize the survey can, among other things, isolate and analyse their customers, comparing them with the customers of the other banks in a benchmark logic.
The field survey is preceded by a particularly rich overview of the statistical documentation produced by the main official sources on the theme of the internationalization of Italian companies: number of companies that internationalize, exports value, trade balance based on the different destination countries of the goods, etc.