For almost thirty years Format Research has been carrying out qualitative studies on businesses, citizens, and consumers in order to identify the factors that come into play in a given phenomenon, the attitudes and motivations behind behaviour, people’s experience, a style, one’s consumer choices, etc.


Carried out in the context of integrated qualitative/quantitative research methodologies, these studies aim to identify the variables and aspects of interest to be taken into consideration in the subsequent quantitative phase of the research path.


These studies are carried out to understand the reasons behind the behaviour of people or businesses, their expectations, the reasons for a choice, the emotional content behind that choice, etc. The results of the Product tests and Concept tests carried out by Format Research are all accompanied by a broad methodological note to justify the statements contained in the reports.


Their ultimate goal is to provide supporting information to identify the solution, contribute to the solution of a problem an/ord the definition of a new format for a product, for an advertising communication, etc.


Format Research adopts a variety of techniques for qualitative analysis, differentiated according to the phenomena under observation:
In-depth interviews conducted by professional researchers.
Motivational interviews, even at equipped facilities, carried out by professional qualitative researchers.
Focus groups.
Creative group sessions to identify, for example, the characteristics of a product or a brand, to discuss the text of a program, aimed at solving problems, etc.
The methodological aspects of the qualitative techniques commissioned to Format Research are always agreed in advance with the customers within a written and widely detailed methodological note. Format provides the curriculum of qualitative researchers employed to carry out the research.